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Payment Method
  1. Cash Pay On Delivery
  2. Internet Banking Transfer
  3. Juice for MCB users
  4. Credit Card
  5. Bank Card online ( Debit card – activation of your card for online purchase Required)
For Internet Banking Transfer
  1. Select Product
  2. Select internet banking option.
  3. You will receive Email & SMS with your order number.
  4. On the internet banking Getaway page, you will see the Priceguru account number.
  5. Log in your personal bank account to confirm purchase/transfer.
As soon as the payment is done you will receive the ‘Purchase Confirmation Email’ and the product shall be delivered to you within 48 hours.
Credit Card ( 3D secure)
  1. Select Product
  2. Select payment by Credit Card
  3. Open secure payment Page
  4. Fills in the required information:
    1. Card Number
    2. Expiry month/year
    3. Card Holder name
    4. Security Code

Click on Pay Now

What is Pay on Delivery with a Debit Card?
  • Pay on Delivery means you can pay with a valid bank card to the delivery agent upon receipt of your order.
Hidden Charges

Are there any hidden charges like sales tax when I make a purchase on Price Guru?

  • There are no hidden charges when you make a purchase on Price Guru. All costs are 100% visible at the end of the checkout process. The order amount is inclusive of all taxes.


Which currencies does Price Guru accept?

  • Mauritian Rupee

Are the prices on Price Guru negotiable?
  • Prices on Price Guru are non-negotiable. Price Guru has thousands of sellers who offer you the best prices and deals.
Are all products on Price Guru original and genuine?
  • Yes. We are committed to offering our customers only 100% genuine and original products.
  • Please contact us, if you think a product listed on our website does not meet these standards.
Are all products on Price Guru New and Unused?
  • Price Guru offers 100% new products.
Delivery Policy
  • Our policy is delivery within 3 business days.
  • Some products are entitled to SAME DAY or NEXT DAY Delivery.
This is only applicable for Pre Purchase orders and not applicable for Hire Purchase Orders.
Delivery Options
  1. Customer pick up at office – Free of Charge (we are not offering pick up at office for health and safety reasons during COVID-19)
  2. Deliver to customer – Rs250 (if purchase is under Rs3000)
How long does it take to receive my product?
  • 1 to 3 Days (Express Delivery)
Can I pick up my item instead of having it delivered?
  • Yes, this option can be chosen at the checkout step. You will be notified when your items arrive at the pickup station.

1.Price Guru Office

Monday – Friday - 9:00 – 17:30
Saturday - 9:00 – 13:30
Sunday - CLOSED
Public Holidays - CLOSED
My order is delayed, what should I do?
  • We do our best to deliver on time. If in some exceptional case we are late, we will then inform you proactively.
I haven't received the invoice for my order. What do I do?
  • A soft copy of your invoice is automatically sent to your by email on your registration email address. In addition you can also retrieve your invoice by Clicking on MY ACCOUNT and then on My Orders & Invoices. If required you can also contact our Customer Service Support Team on [email protected] so that they can send you a copy of your invoice if required.
Can I change my shipping address after I have placed my order?
  • You can request for your order to be delivered to a different address, before your order is shipped.

    Customer Satisfaction is our priority!

    Send us your special request on one of the following :

    1. 263 70 82
    2. [email protected]
    3. Send a message on Priceguru Facebook Messenger
Why is collect not available for my order?
  • Certain products such as Large Appliances are not eligible for collection. These products need to be delivered to a home or business address. I found the package open and the product seal broken on delivery. What should I do?
  • You should always refuse to accept any open package, as we will not accept returns of electronics products unsealed (unless for defective reason). If you do accept such a package by mistake or find out it has been tampered with, please get in touch with our Customer Service Care – 263 70 82
I missed my delivery. What happens now?
  • We reschedule your delivery 3 times and after that if we still can’t reach you, your order will be cancelled. Will somebody contact me before delivering the package to my location?
  • Yes, our delivery agent will contact you to confirm your availability and exact location. Can my parcel be delivered to an office address?
  • Yes! Your parcel can be delivered to any address convenient for you. Just enter your preferred address as your 'shipping address' during checkout. My package is prepaid. Do I need to show any document when collecting it?
  • Yes. You will have to show your ID card to the delivery agent upon delivery. It can also be your Passport.
Reschedule a delivery
  • Your order will arrive by the estimated delivery date provided in your payment confirmation email or SMS, so you know when to expect the delivery. If you have received your SMS and will not be available, please click on reschedule on the link sent to you. Can I choose a specific time or day for my delivery?
  • You can choose the date but not the time. How are Large Appliances delivered?
  • Large appliances and Air conditioners are delivered by the supplier’s delivery agents.
Does Price Guru ship internationally?
  • We do not ship outside of our country at this time; we do however ship to Rodrigues. I have a complaint about the delivery rider who came to deliver my order. What should I do?
  • We apologies for the inconvenience caused, please get in touch with us on 263 70 82 so we can give you better service.
My Account
Create an account

The creation of an account is the key to proceed for a purchase on

Click on : ​

Add :

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • An Existing Email Address
  • A password of your choice
  • Reconfirm added password of your choice above
Signing up
  • Start by clicking "Your Account" and then sign up in the top right corner of your screen.
  • You will then be asked to provide some basic information.
  • After providing the required information, click submit to finish the sign-up process.
  • You are now ready for shopping, welcome to Price Guru.
Order Status
  1. Pending : Order well placed , Confirmation mail Receive & Awaiting payment
  2. Processing : Payment Received and delivery info will be sent within 24hours.
  3. Complete : Order shipped

Cancellation of Order & Refund Policy

  • For the purchase of products, the Customer may cancel his order within 24 hours following the purchase by calling the Price Guru Ltd Customer Care on 2637082.
  • For cancelled orders as per the Warranty which is provided by the Manufacturer, and each manufacturer has its own terms & conditions which the client must comply with the Customer will have to give the Order Confirmation Number when calling on 2637082 for processing of the cancellation. Price Guru Ltd shall endeavor to reverse the payment back to his bank card account. For each cancelled order, the Customer will be charged a fee of 5% on the purchase amount.
  • Goods once sold are not exchangeable and non-refundable.
After Sales

How does the repairs of a faulty product work?

  1. Proceed to
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Give the proper “Description of the issue”
  4. Choose “Product collection options”

    Drop off and pick up of your defective product at our head office in Riche Terre or our stand in Trianon

    Pickup and delivery at your home or office by our Priceguru logistic department. A service fee of Rs250/- will apply.

  5. Tick, I read and agree to Terms and Conditions
  6. Submit

Our after sales agent will contact you in a timely manner. The product will be sent to our supplier for an official verification by professional technicians.

After the feedback, if your product’s issue falls under the warranty allocated, you will be given a brand new one.

On the contrary, if the issue is not covered in the warranty, you will have to bear the cost for the repair.

Terms and conditions are detailed in the Warranty Section.
Credit Facilities / Hire Purchase
Credit Facilities / Hire Purchase

We do collaborate with CIM FINANCE and ROGERS CAPITAL to offer our customers credit facilities. Kindly note that the approval of the credit application depends on the credit institution.

  1. Select Product
  2. Select option Apply for Credit
  3. Fill in the required information. Note that if you are a first time client to the credit institution, you will need to provide the following documents:ID, Proof of address, Pay slip, Bank statement. ( less than 2months)
  4. Select your preferred instalment
  5. Select credit institution
  6. Accept terms and conditions

Our credit department will contact you within a delay of 24 hours. As soon as we get the confirmation/approval from the credit institution, our logistic department will contact you to schedule the delivery.

Can you help me find an item?
  • If you know the department where your product is most likely to be stocked, you can browse our range using our ‘Shop by Department’ menu on homepage. Alternatively, type the name of the product into our search bar found at the top of every page. You can then further filter your search results by department, brand, availability and price using the left hand navigation.
How can I find the right product on Price Guru?
  • You can start by clicking on a category name from the category menu on the website. This shows all the products we have within that category. If you know what you are looking for, just type the name of the product or brand in our search bar at the top of the page and click Search.
Can you give me more information on the product?
  • We provide all the available product information that we have from our suppliers on every product page. You’ll find all the important details under ‘Description’ and ‘Highlights’ on each product page.
When will the item I want be in stock?
  • All out of stock items will be replenished as soon as more stock is available to us. You can always call us on 263 70 82 to check any item you are interested in.
Can you give me more information on pre orders?
Pre-orders allow you to place advance orders for products that have not yet been released. When you place the Pre-order, we then order the product in advance from our suppliers. Note: release dates are subject to change without prior notice. We’ll try to keep you informed of any potential changes.
How do I know if a product comes with free installation?
Free installation is not offered unless specified in the product description. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Agent on 263 70 82.

Warranty starts as from the date of delivery.

The Warranty offered on certain products are found on the product page on Price Guru.

(Below product’s display photo) Warranty terms for products may change over time. BUT you are entitled to the terms listed on the warranty card at the time of the purchase.

All the information needed is on the warranty card. Different parts of a product may have different warranty terms and conditions.

How do I know if a product comes with warranty?

  • If a warranty is offered on a product, the warranty period will be displayed on the product page. If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Service Agent on 263 70 82.

    I ordered a product with warranty but I did not get a warranty card with my product. How can I get a warranty?

  • Please get in touch with our Customer Service Team at 263 70 82 so we can help you to resolve the issue.

    From when is the warranty for my product applicable?

  • The warranty for your product should start from the date of delivery. I see that the warranty terms for the product have changed on Price Guru from when I bought the product. Will this affect my warranty?
  • Warranty terms for products may change over time. Rest assured, you will be entitled to the terms listed on the warranty card at the time of purchase.
Earn Points

Rewards can currently be earned for the following actions:

  • Making purchases — every time you make a purchase you earn points based on the price of products purchased and these points are added to your Points balance.
Points Exchange Rates

The value of Points is determined by an exchange rate of both currency spent on products to Points, and an exchange rate of Points earned to currency for spending on future purchases.

Redeem Points

You can redeem your Points at checkout. If you have accumulated enough Points to redeem them you will have the option of using Points as one of the payment methods. The option to use Points, as well as your balance and the monetary equivalent of this balance, will be shown to you in the Payment Method area of the checkout. Redeemable Points can be used in conjunction with other payment methods such as credit cards, gift cards and more.

Points Minimums and Maximums

Points may be capped at a minimum value required for redemption. If this option is selected you will not be able to use your Points until you accrue a minimum number of Points, at which they will become available for redemption.

Points may also be capped at the maximum value of Points which can be accrued. If this option is selected you will need to redeem your accrued Points before you are able to earn more Points.

Manage your Points
You have the ability to view and manage your Points through your Customer Account​. From your account you will be able to view your total Points (and currency equivalent), minimum needed to redeem, whether you have reached the maximum Points limit and a cumulative history of Points acquired, redeemed and lost. The history record will retain and display historical rates and currency for informational purposes. The history will also show you comprehensive informational messages regarding Points, including expiration notifications.
Points Expiration

Points can be set to expire. Points will expire in the order form which they were first earned.

  • Points can be used as store credit in our system only. Redeeming cash is not allowed.
  • You can sign up to receive email notifications each time your balance changes when you either earn, redeem or lose Points, as well as point expiration notifications. This option is found in the Points section of the My Account area.
Gift Card Terms & Conditions

Priceguru Ltd reserves the right to update and change the terms and conditions of gift cards at any time. This does not affect your legal rights. Use of your gift card constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions and we therefore recommend you read them carefully. Priceguru gift cards remain the property of Priceguru who maintains the right to cancel the card in situations where it is deemed necessary to do so.

The value of your Priceguru gift card can be redeemed online only at​ only. The gift card balance cannot be exchanged for cash or redeemed against the purchase of another card.

The maximum amount that an individual Priceguru gift card can hold is ​ Rs 100,000 ​ this limit cannot be exceeded by performing balance transfers.

Your Priceguru gift card is valid for a period of 24 months from the date of activation, after which any remaining balance will be removed and the card will become invalid and no longer available for use.
Lost/ Stolen/ Damaged

In cases where your Priceguru gift card is lost or stolen, Priceguru is unable to replace or reimburse the remaining balance on a card.Priceguru cannot be held responsible for any balance lost on a Priceguru gift card as a result of theft or fraud. All Priceguru gift cards have a unique PIN number hidden by a security panel on the back of the card which is required for onlinepurchases.Priceguru cannot be held responsible for any unauthorised use where the card number and/ or PIN have become known to another party.

Should your Priceguru gift card become damaged, Priceguru will be able to replace the card providing you still have the card in your possession and the necessary details can be obtained.

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